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8 August

Evelina – Surprisingly Apple!

Not too long ago in 2011, the Melinda consortium based in Val di Non signed an exclusive partnership contract for Italy with Evelina Srl, after which Evelina – RoHo 3615, a sport of Pinova, was launched on the market. In the space of just a few years this special apple saw exponential market growth and it is now ready to conquer the world. Its first slogans were “Bite me” and “Everlasting taste”, with images set in a futuristic world: it was the apple that the human race was waiting for. Since it has all the characteristics necessary to satisfy consumers with every bite, at any time of the day, what slogan could be better than “Enjoy it every day”? But as it became more and more successful through marketing activity and first-class promotions, Evelina needed a new brand identity. Evelina’s new tagline – “Surprisingly apple!” and a new slogan “Kissed by nature” are the result of specific focus group research that was carried out, revealing a deeper, more introspective side that can take you back in time with just one bite. The idea is reinforced by the presence of Mother Nature, the perfect person to endorse the apple with her sweet green lips, who kisses Evelina as her favourite. Evelina’s second phase was initially planned for use in B2B operations, POS materials and packaging, but thanks to its excellent short-term results, it is already ready for the next phase: aiming straight at consumers’ hearts. Evelina RoHo-3615, being a club apple, has extended its supremacy around the world, with the help of numerous partners such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, USA and Italy, and more recently also with France. Wherever it may be, it maintains its unique, unmistakable style that can adapt to the specific demands of each country and create new standards in terms of quality.

Evelina GmbH
Handwerkerstraße Süd 1
– 39044 – Neumarkt (BZ) Italy
Tel. +39 0471 81 33 36
Fax +39 0471 82 15 07

VAT No. IT02486020213