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10 febbraio

Ten years Evelina® in Germany and new partner in Serbia

Evelina® can look back on a ten-year success story in Germany. In Delta Agrar it has also recently gained a strong new partner in Serbia.

Berlin, 8 February 2017. 75 producers, 250 hectares of cultivation land and 7,400 tonnes of harvested fruit in autumn 2016, making it possible to significantly increase the apple production in Germany in 2016. Arno Überbacher, Managing Director of Evelina GmbH International explains: “Evelina® has developed very well in Germany. Our local partners are increasingly growing together, are committed to the product and are able to supply more retail partners every year. This result is all the more pleasing to us because Evelina’s history has its roots in Germany.”

Evelina® was launched in Brandenburg in 2007

It all started in March 2007 in Wesendahl in Brandenburg with the planting of 5,000 trees on 2 hectares of cultivation land. At that time Walter Thuile and Franco Dallago, the owners of BB Brandenburger Fruchthandel, were firmly convinced that there would be a strong demand for the Evelina® apple in Germany and that a strong brand in the German fruit industry would achieve good results. In February 2007, therefore, the license contract was concluded with BB Brandenburger Fruchthandel. Today the Evelina® production in Germany is supported by five strong partners: Evelina Deutschland GmbH as broker with Katja Börnicke as Managing Director; the VEOS distribution company in Saxony; BB Brandenburger Fruchthandel; SALEM Frucht; and the OBST VOM BODENSEE distribution company. Production in Germany will be further expanded in 2017.

Delta Agrar is a new partner in Serbia
In Delta Agrar, Evelina® has recently gained a strong new partner in Serbia. Delta Agrar manages the largest apple cultivation orchard in South-East Europe with an area of 500 hectares. Arno Überbacher explains: “We were especially impressed by Delta Agrar’s strict quality regulations. New cultivation areas have also been built in a hilly area close to the border with Bulgaria, providing Evelina® with ideal growing conditions. These two factors persuaded us to include Delta Agrar in our exclusive marketing project.“

With the new partner in Serbia, Evelina® is now also preparing to enter the Russian market. The brand is to be built up step by step, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In conclusion Überbacher comments: “Evelina® is an international brand that is now registered in 40 countries around the world, especially in Europe, USA/Canada, Chile and Argentina. Entry into new markets such as Russia, China, India and the Middle East is the next logical step for us.”

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